"I can highly recommend Matt and Jo for just about everything, from initial contact, great communication, fair and affordable prices, to their knowledge and professionalism." Y.S Holme Hale, Norfolk

MEWP and traffic lights.

MEWP and traffic lights. We will arrange any equipment we need and any traffic control measures that need to be in place.


Traversing! Climbing a neighbouring tree to access a damaged Conifer.

Controlled dismantle of a mature Pine tree, Swaffham, Norfolk

Matt and Jo

Taking in the view!

Huge, mature Beech tree dismantle in Hingham, Norfolk. It unfortunately had Polypore fungi present so had to be safely dismantled. We climbed it and stripped the crown out using rigging and lowering techniques where needed, leaving the stem to be felled by Matt.


Bircham, Norfolk

Pollard of a Willow tree. Before........