Ingredients - Clay to protect, Compost feed, Seeds to grow

hand made & hand painted in norfolk, ENGLAND

Meadow Bombs

Lets bring our meadows back.............

What are Meadow Bombs and why do we need them?

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Meadow Bombs are hand made seed bombs made up with seeds, clay and compost that are designed to be scattered over cleared ground. They will grow into wildflowers and grasses, enabling little pockets of meadows to grow all over Great Britain with no gardening skill needed! 

Our Meadow Bombs contain Wild Flower seeds with a small amount of slow growing grasses and come presented in a reusable bag with a mini hand-painted log slice label that can be kept and displayed in your home. Our log slices are supplied from waste that we have left over from our tree work jobs, we like to try to turn it into something beautiful rather than just chipping it up or using it for fire wood. 

Together we can bring our wild flower meadows back to life, its so simple!


A staggering 97% of British wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s. The knock on affect of this is the huge decline in pollinators such as bees and butterflies which has had a very real impact on the food we grow and eat. The whole eco system surrounding the meadows is also affected, insects are not present which means that insect eaters are also absent. Birds, Bats, Hedgehogs and small rodents are all attracted to meadows and rely on insects as part of their diet. If we can increase wild flowers and meadows then we can try to increase the numbers of bees to pollinate but also the other animals that surround meadows.


seed mix contains -

corn flower, corn marigold, corn chamomile, corncockle, corn poppy, oxeye daisy, red campion, sainfoin, pheasants eye, forget me not, golden tickseed, salad burnet, northern lights, Californian poppy, foxglove, red/white clover, bitter blue lupin, purple tansy, slow growing grasses


Scatter your Meadow Bombs onto cleared ground so they are not taken over by weeds. You don't need to do anything else although as with all plants; sun, water and patience are needed!

The bombs can been thrown all year round but the best times are Spring and Autumn. The bombs can take a couple of years to establish so don't lose faith if you don't see results straight away! 1 bag of bombs covers approx 1.5m square.


Why not send yours guests away from your big day with a bag of meadow bombs to create their own little pieces of meadow and a personalised mini log slice as a keep sake?

We can supply our Meadow Bomb bags in larger quantities and we can also personalise the log slices into a design that will fit in with your theme and colours. Get in touch for tailored quote.