Bad tree work affects tree safety and costs more in the long run!

We carried out a big job last week at East Winch, Norfolk for a valued customer of ours. The work had arisen from a tree safety report.

One of the trees we worked on was a large, mature Beech tree that we had to reduce in height due to poor previous tree work carried out in the past. This tree had decay introduced into it by substandard pruning cuts carried out (most definitely not by us!)

The best way to assess cuts is that there should be no 'stubs' left on branches after reductions/pruning operations have been carried out. The cuts should all be made to a growth point, with no stub left. This is because any timber left above that growth point can then die off and become an entry point for decay and fungal pathogens in the future.

Unfortunately, we see this problem often, both on jobs and just in general when walking or driving around the area, often seeing trees that are going to have future problems.

Here at Green Man Woodlands we care for your trees and even if it takes us longer to do a job correctly, always including correct cuts then that is what we will do. We often have people not choosing us for a job as they had a cheaper quote from another company but be aware that if that work is rushed and poorly carried out then it may end up costing you more in the long run.

It’s better for your tree’s health (and your bank balance!) to get the work carried out correctly and safely in the first instance rather than waiting for decay to set in and affecting the integrity and safety of your tree.

Green Man Woodlands carrying out a height reduction of a mature Beech tree needed because of past poor pruning cuts introducing decay.

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